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Home is where the heart is. Your home is where you’re most comfortable, surrounded by everything that’s familiar.  But, for seniors, it is estimated that more than half of all falls that result in injury happen at home.
Phillips Lifeline can help you maintain your independence, and also give your family peace of mind.


Lifeline provides quick access to help, 24 hours a day.
Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert service designed to reduce the risk of living alone.  In the event of a fall or emergency, help is available at the push of a button.  The Lifeline Personal Help Button connects you to a trained Personal Response Associate* who can send help quickly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trusted by doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers.
Lifeline, the #1 medical alert service**, has helped over 6 million seniors and their families through the years.  Our commitment to quality service has made us the industry leader.  Lifeline is also recommended by thousands of hospitals and professional caregivers across the country. 

* Button signal range may vary due to differing environmental factors.
** #1 claim is based on number of subscribers.

Increased peace of mind for you and your family.

Expert caring assistance, right when you need it.
Press your Personal Help Button and you’re connected directly to a highly trained Personal Response Associate who will assess your situation.  They can determine whether you require a visit from a neighbor or a family member, and can contact them for you.

If you need emergency services, they can dispatch assistance, retrieve relevant medical information from your profile, and even let emergency personnel know if you have a pet, all while you’re on the line.
The Lifeline Response Center uses state-of-the-art technology and our Personal Response Associates are caring and patient when speaking with you during an emergency.

During an emergency, every second counts.
In an emergency, delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery.  If you are alone, you never know how long it’ll be before someone realizes you need help.  Help at the push of a button can reduce these risks.  So, don’t wait for a fall or medical emergency.

Getting the Lifetime service is quick and simple.
Lifeline can give you greater peace of mind and a sense of confidence to help maintain independent living.  There is no equipment to buy* and no long-term contract to sign.

* Applicable tax, monthly service and shipping and handling fees may apply.  Minimum stay on service may be required.

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Medication Dispenser

Medication errors are common and costly.
You rely on your medications to keep you healthy.  But complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking pills at the wrong time.  These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, illness, or even death.

  • For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of incorrect use of medications.
  • Not taking medications correctly can have serious consequences, including increased discomfort, inadequate disease preventions, and possibly even death.

Phillips Lifeline MD.2 can help.
Healthcare professionals trust Phillips Lifeline the help their patients live independently.  Now, Lifeline has a solution to help keep you from taking the wrong medications, or the wrong doses, at the wrong time.

Reduce your risk of medication errors with Lifeline MD.2.
MD.2 works by dispensing the medications you’ve preloaded, at the times you’ve scheduled.  This helps ensure the right dose, at the right time-so you and your family don’t have to worry about complications from incorrect medication use.

As easy as pressing a button.
When you hear the audio reminder and see the flashing light on the MD.2, that means it’s time for your medicine.  All you need o do is press the large red button to dispense your medications in an easy-to-handle plastic cup.  It’s that simple!

Closing the loop with MD.2 monitoring.
With MD.2, you and your caregivers can have peace of mind.  That’s because MD.2 can alert your caregivers and family by phone if you miss a dose, so they can help ensure you stay on track with your medicine.

How the MD.2 system works

  1. Load

    You or a caregiver put your medications into individual cups and load them into MD.2.  Provide your medication schedule to Phillips Lifeline and we will program the MD.2 for you.
  1. Dispense

    Press the button when you hear the reminder.  MD.2 will dispense the medication that you or your caregiver have loaded, at the programmed times.
  1. Monitor

    MD.2 is connected to your telephone line, so if you miss a dose, MD.2 can contact your family and caregivers.  They can check on you to make sure you’re getting your medication.

Phillips Lifeline: a name you can count on.
For more than 30 years, Phillips Lifeline has been providing healthcare solutions that help patients maintain independent living.  Our trusted medical alert service, which offers 24 hour personal response, helps to keep seniors living in their own homes with confidence.  If you or someone you know could benefit from the services Phillips Lifeline provides, click here and mention Program Code HW643 today!

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