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1. Will my insurance pay for this service?

Most major insurances consider in-home care to be custodial care and will not pay. We do accept Long Term Care Insurance, VA Benefits, Medicaid, Caregiver and private pay.

2. What is the cost for private rate?

Call for current rate.

3. Do you perform background checks on your employees?

Absolutely. We do criminal background checks annually as well as driving history, office of inspector general and the health care personnel registry.

4. Can we always have the same caregiver or in-home aide?

While we strive to provide the same person each time, circumstances such as vacations, illnesses or weather conditions are out of our control.

5. Is there a minimum number of hours you will provide service?

We provide individual assessments and work with the family to determine the patient's needs.

6. What is the role CAP CM?

The role of the CAP CM is to link, monitor, coordinate, and to arrange the services for NC Innovations consumer.

7. What is the NC Innovations Waiver?

NC Innovations Program for Person with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities. It is a federal Medicaid funding source which is designed to give persons with mental retardation/developmental disabilities a cost effective alternative to care facility for persons with mental retardation (ICF-MR placement.)

8. What does Qualification for NC Innovations Waiver mean?

The person must have a developmental disability and Axis II diagnosis.

9. What is DD and type of DD Services?

DD stands for Developmental Disabilities and is a term that is used to describe life-long disabilities attributable to mental and/or physical or combination of mental and physical impairments, manifested prior to age 18.

10.What is LME and its role to the consumer?

Local Management Entity (LME) is the funding source that pays for the service that the individual receives.

11. What is the provider agency?

A provider agency is the contract provider of the LME which provides staff that works to provide direct services to a person. The staff provides training/support to the CAP recipient.

12. What are Habilitation Services?

Habilitation Service is the process of supplying a person with the means to develop maximum independence in activities of daily living through training or treatment.

13. Does everyone need a guardian for the consumer?

Yes, if an individual is 18 years old he/she is considered by the state an adult who can make decisions for him/herself. The NC Innovations consumer most of the time has some level of mental retardation and cannot make decisions for themselves. If one obtains guardianship by the court they can make decisions for the person who is unable to.

14. What is Guardianship of a person and when to get the procedure started?

Guardianship is a person who has legal authority (and corresponding duty) to care for the person and property interests of another person. This procedure needs to be completed when the person turns 18 years old.



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